Empowering the Youth – Training course in Czech Republic


17-26.10.2015 – Empowering the Youth (Czech Republic)

International basic training bringing new perspective on employability.

How would it be to create and live life you want?
Do you know how it would look like?
What kind of changes it would require?

34 participants. 8 countries. 10 days of intensive personal development training.

What is it about?

Proactivity. Creativity. Shared experience. Openness. Curiosity. Fulfillment. Experience. People.

17-26. Oct 2015
Svycarna close to Adamov, Czech Republic
4 places for Bulgarians, apply now! Check out the link!

„Empowering the Youth“ is a 10-day training course that will take place in Svycarna close to Adamov, Czech Republic.

It aims to bring together youth workers, people working as professionals or as volunteers in various NGOs and other supporting professions, such as teachers or social workers who are interested in the topic of empowerment of the youth and want to share their practices and learn new tools and methods that are usable in their everyday personal and professional life.
The main topic we are addressing through the project is the youth unemployment.

Countries involved in the project: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia and Romania.

More information:
Empowering the Youth_Info-letter
Empowering the Youth_Application form


If you need support contact us to info@smokinya.com.

This exchange is financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme for youth mobility.


Empowering the Youth – Training course in Czech Republic