Nursena’s Final Evaluation

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I cannot believe it has been six months. I recall the first day I arrived here as if it were yesterday. How thrilled I am. I learnt a lot here. It has been a fantastic journey for me, from being able to fend for myself to being able to teach things to individuals older than me, for which I am really thankful. I never expected that long-term volunteering, Smokinya, this nation, and the people in my life would have such a significant impact on me.

Here, I was able to begin taking care of myself while also developing a focused strategy for my future. I acquired a variety of editing, shooting, and filmmaking skills, and I accomplished everything by doing everything on my own. I learnt a lot from other people in my life, both emotionally and practically, in addition to what I discovered on my own. I am really grateful to my friends and those who have joined me on this adventure. We did a lot of street cleaning, which made me pleased since it showed that I was contributing to society.

There were challenges and disputes from time to time, but in the end, excellent things awaited me. When I learnt to be patient, I recognized that I had to go through the rain to see the rainbow. Finally, I always tried to see the good side of what transpired in my life. Although I am sad to come home, I am also delighted because I will be able to tell everyone about all of my pleasant experiences. Thank you so much to Smokinya and its wonderful people.

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Nursena’s Final Evaluation