Nursena’s Mid-term Evaluation

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I want to begin by expressing my pride at having spent four and a half months here. In four and a half months, I have learnt more than I could have ever imagined. It’s true that everyone, including Smokinya and others in my immediate vicinity, taught me something. I greatly enhanced my emotional state. I’ve experienced happy and sad moments in my life, and it’s crucial to have both bitter and sweet experiences.

I gained knowledge about how to make the most of my 20s, how to choose friends who will influence my life, and how to fully experience each moment. I say that this place was able to teach me these things even though I am aware of how tough and challenging it is to learn this. I learned stuff at Smokinya that I could do by myself. I experimented with a variety of mental and physical pursuits, adjusting my approach based on the outcomes. I discovered that I like to cultivate and take in the wonders of the natural world. I got to work with a bunch of stuff that might come in handy later on. I made an effort to use anything that I could that would be helpful to me.

Was it challenging? I obviously had some difficult times. However, if I do learn it in the end, I don’t really care about the rest. Nevertheless, I also learned from this experience how crucial it is to concentrate on the outcome as much as the process itself. I’m looking forward to a wonderful conclusion to this journey, and I’ll never let go of the transformation that will occur in me at its conclusion. I appreciate it, and I’ll see you in 1.5 months.

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Nursena’s Mid-term Evaluation