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Newsletter May 2023

B.R.I.G.H.T. Future
We are really happy for our ESC Volunteering Project! During May we put a lot of effort to prepare and plan the camp in Mrachenik. That way we have created the best conditions for 30 international participants!

Where? Mrachenik, Plovdiv district, Bulgaria
When? 31 May - 29 June 2023

We are really happy and excited for the project! Follow us on Smokinya social media to check how we are doing in the camp :)
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Donation from METRO!
We are honored and pleased to announce that within the framework of the project "B.R.I.G.H.T. Future" we have received a donation from the "Metro" retail chain!

Metro Plovdiv 1 store provided a variety of food products worth 708 BGN for the first edition of the project.

The donation will be used in June to feed a brigade of volunteers who will focus on environmental and refreshment activities for the benefit of the village and its residents.

The Foundation team would like to express our deep gratitude to the Metro retail chain for their material support and belief in our cause!

If you too would like to support us in our mission you can contact us at, any assistance is invaluable to us!

Smokinya Events

Smokinya Club
In May we had 4 Smokinya Clubs. The first meeting was dedicated to learn how to create, plan and manage events. On 11th of May in our attic we had a workshop how to create professional CV. On 18th of May one of the international volunteers prepared a presentation about her country, where people could learn traditions, customs and even try food from Poland. Last Smokinya Club in May took place in Youth Centre where we played very equal football match.
In all of the Smokinya Clubs we gathered 47 participants!
Cleaning Events
Everyone likes to spend their free time outside but not everyone cares about the outdoor space. Trash is everywhere. That's why we decided to do something with that! 

In May we had one cleaning event organized by us in Gagarin Neighborhood and one by Erasmus Students Network Plovdiv next to Maritsa river! 
9th May
20th May
Events Canceled 
This June we will be out of town. We are the organizers for the project "B.R.I.G.H.T. Future" in Mrachenik, so Smokinya Club and Cleaning Events will be cancelled for the whole month of June.

But don't worry! We will be back in July with full energy!


Take the Next Step
The training offers an intensive programme to those who are or will be in the position of youth leaders (working with teams, organising and leading youth activities, workcamps, workshops, volunteering programmes, etc) and are looking for empowerment in this role.

When?  28 August - 6 September 2023
Where?  Louti, Czech Republic
Deadline:  ASAP
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Dance Your Colours: Action!
The new edition of this project combines movement & dance with video-making as a tool for supporting diversity & social inclusion. It is designed as a platform for sharing & learning various movement & dance styles while exploring movement as a way of self-expression & embracing uniqueness of each one of us.

When? 7- 9 July 2023 (preparatory visit) / 4 -13 September 2023
Where?  Olde Vechte Foundation, The Netherlands
Deadline:  ASAP

The highlight of the YE will be a co-creation of both groups: dancers & filmmakers. At the end of the YE, the participants will together create dance movies which will give them chance to show up, combine their skills & put in practice what they learnt.
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Connecting Cultures Chuckling

The main method is theatrical improvisation for discovering, understanding, and developing: Trust in the relationship – Mutual listening – Integration of proposals – Expansion of creativity – Empathy – Self-efficacy and autonomy – Problem-solving – Flexibility – Observation and understanding of the context – Attention and focus - Stress management

When?  15 - 24 July 2023
Where? Turin, Italy
Deadline:  ASAP

The project wants to overcome the idea of intercultural competence as a formal methodology, enriching it through the tool of laughter and stimulating the transition from “knowing how to do” to “knowing how to be”.

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Volunteers t(w)o local community 4.0
One person is needed for for a long-term volunteering project in Zabok, Croatia. The organisation Zagor leads a youth center, volunteer center and information center for young people and all interested citizens. They organize many activities, events, workshops, public actions and debates to strengthen the capacity of young people and to promote active citizenship.

When?  ASAP - 19 December 2023
Where?  Zabok, Croatia
Deadline:  ASAP

The volunteer through his/her creativity will contribute to the local community by participating and carrying out activities that are aimed at encouraging active participation of local society, which leads to the development of a more solidary community.
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Into the Core
The Into the Core training course was created for youth workers that want to empower the young people to handle the challenges of today's world with confidence and resilience. We will fully dive into the Playfight methodology as participants and reflect on how we can apply its principles and approach as facilitators, trainers or coaches.

When?  21 – 29 June 2023
Where?  Vysočina region, Czech Republic
Deadline:  ASAP
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Change Your Glasses
Raise awareness about the process of social categorisation: a set of mental operations that help us to simplify the reality and allow us to perceive the world around us. This is your chance to reflect on your personal stereotypes, which are an authomatic and unavoidable process, and how they influence your perspective.

When?  22 - 30 July 2023
Where?  Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Deadline:  18 June 2023
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Eyes Wide Open

The project is all about creating and experiencing a healthy community within nature while focusing also on hands-on activities (gardening and construction works), outreaching the local society (organising a local festival), and activities towards heritage digitalisation.

When? July – 31 July 2023 
Where? Bergolo, Italy
Deadline:  ASAP

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Health Common Good

Live for 1 month in Hopeland, a 7-acre eco place in southern Greece focusing on sustainability and co-create your dream community. 

When?  11 July - 11 August 2023 
Where?  Argos, Greece
Deadline:  ASAP

Put your hands, your mind and your creativity into the enhancement of the place, creation of a nurturing community and into outreaching locals around Hopeland and beyond.

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DreamShapers 3.0

The project is a youth exchange, where you can experience living in an international community of 40 young people from 8 countries of Europe, discovering what resourcefulness and entrepreneurship really mean.

When? 22 July – 3 August 2023
Where?  Hollókő, Hungary
Deadline:  ASAP

Experience how you can learn and have fun at the same time while enjoying the stunning Hungarian countryside

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Greenovation 3.1

Live for 6 weeks in Hopeland, a 7-acre eco place in southern Greece focusing on sustainability and co-create your dream community with 15 more volunteers from around Europe (18-30 years old)

When? 12 August – 22 September 2023
Where? Hopeland, Argos, Greece
Deadline:  ASAP


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Food Lab is a youth exchange to raise awareness of sustainable development and climate change and to question the central role of food in our societies, and more particularly the issue of food waste. 

When? 5 – 25 September 2023
Where?  Lozère, France
Deadline:  1 August

In a dynamic of non-formal education, participants will be able “to make and to live together” and each participant will be responsible for the daily life of the group.

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Eurodesk opportunities

In Smokinya Foundation we know if you are here reading these words, it is because you are interested in the European Union and what is happening there. For these reasons, and taking advantage the European Year of Youth, we are more than convinced that you will find the tips provided by the Eurodesk platform about how to find and apply to opportunities abroad particularly interesting. So do not wait any longer and take a look now! And if you have not heard about Eurodesk, do not worry, click on the button and discover a new horizon of possibilities!

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Do you want to know more about ESC?

If you are interested in long-term volunteering abroad under the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme.
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What are the experiences and successes of previous participants in our Erasmus + courses?
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