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Last year gave us lemons, we are collecting limes these days, and we decided to bombard you with both!

We are introducing you to the Smokinya Show!

In the first episode the main topic was Good health and wellbeing, but together with his guest Vlad Fedoroff, Vladan touched many other related topics. We asked citizens of Plovdiv what is the healthy lifestyle during the global pandemics. Our previous volunteer Radostyna also shared her experience in Bulgaria.

The second episode of the show was about Sustainable communities and zero-waste movements. Vladan and Vera discussed reusable products and recycling. Citizens of Plovdiv shared their opinion about recycling and Maryna Klochkova shared her experience in Bulgaria.

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Volunteering opportunities

We have partners in different countries and we always have information about new projects and we always update on our website and social network, which is great opportunity for young Bulgarians who want to have experience and knowledge in different fields, meet new people and exchange cultures.

This year we already post about 3 volunteering opportunities which will be organize in Greece, Italy and Latvia…

Greenovation is project for volunteering teams in Greece. It will start 1st of July and will continue until 16th of September.

Next on the list is Vitality project in Italy. This project main topic is youth work, public events, international mobility project.

Our Latvian partner organization have also opportunity for Bulgarians. Go to Latvia for 2 months and create your own performance, play or whatever is close to your artistic heart!


Coming soon!

Healthy Inclusion, the Netherlands

Healthy Inclusion is about social inclusion through a healthy lifestyle. Aiming at tackling the issue that many young people face, living an unhealthy life. Young people between 18-25 years old to get healthy (mentally and physically), get fit and inspire others to do the same. The project is postponed and we are awaiting details about re-launching the selection in 2021.

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Humour is Serious Business, Austria

The programme will demonstrate how youth workers and non-formal educators can use Humour as the most effective methodology to build relationships with young people and address related issues they face in their everyday setting. It will increase both practitioners' skills base, and their knowledge and understanding, whilst also developing their attitude and enhancing their ability to interact with their target group(s). The project is postponed and we are awaiting details about re-launching the selection in 2021.

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Steps for leaders - personal development training, France

This project is a 9 days training course aiming to improve the leadership skills of the participants. It will take place in Montcombroux-les-Mines, France. The training combines elements from formal education, non-formal and informal learning, as we find all of them purposeful when applied to the right context. More info TBA. Follow our website and social media accounts!

Smokinya events

During the few weeks of de-confinement, Smokinya foundation took the opportunity to organize some event online and also offline. Between event in French, international poetry evening and ecological workshop with the locality, the opportunities did not miss to bring together a maximum of people in the values of the association.

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