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Did you dream about it? We did it!
Smokinya Foundation is happy to announce that we have created a youth club, a place to meet and grow through many activities. But first we need you.
The first meeting is June 10th 2021, we need your ideas, your impressions, and your experience to make Plovdiv the city we dream of for the youth and to create a community of youth living in Plovdiv.
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New episode of Smokinya Show is out!

The fourth episode of the Smokinya Show is about quality education with an accent on non-formal ways of education. Vladan and Anna discussed problems and difficulties that young people encounter during their education. Citizens of Plovdiv shared their opinion about what education is for them, and how important it is.

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This year Smokinya Foundation is pleased to participate in the event "European Network of Volunteers" for the Environment. The aim? To organise coordinated events across Europe for the Earth Day, On this occasion, on 5th June 2021 during the afternoon we are organising a clean up of the park ul. "Beethoven", and workshops in which we will show you how to recycle your waste, and how to create your own cosmetics.
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Volunteering opportunity

Grab on your wave

We have a new ESC volunteering opportunity open for participants to live one year in Plovdiv as a volunteer with Smokinya Foundation!
Catch Your Moment – Training Course in Bulgaria
12-20 July 2021, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Our long-awaited improvisational training is finally happening this July in Plovdiv! This training is about developing entrepreneurial skills using improvisational theatre as a method. At the moment we are promoting and gathering applicants who want to join. Read all the information on our website and join us to play, act, improvise!
Skill UP! – Training Course in Austria
29 Aug – 7 Sept 2021, Austria

In this special training course you will have the chance to face and work on what is stopping you in creating all the results that you wish for – in your personal and professional life. An intense training in an international environment and an experience that will have a long impact on your life!

Life Skillz – Long term volunteering project in Latvia


Our Latvian partner is looking for an adventurous young person who wants to spend one year on a volunteering project in Latvia. Besides supporting the operation of the hosting NGO you will also learn practical skills that you can use later in your life.

GamE+s Of Trainers - Training Course in Asutria
23 July – 1 Aug 2021, Austria

wEUnite is looking for enthusiastic youth workers and facilitators who want to develop and work on their trainer and coaching skills. Apply if you are motivated to explore and submerge into the topic of gamification and educational games.
Compassion in Action – Training Course in The Czech Republic
12-20 October 2021, Czech Republic

The purpose of the training is to offer the method of empathic communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg together with other methods. The communication we want to grow through this project is based on connеcting to other’s needs and expressing one’s own. The idea behind is to review and to improve the connection and understanding in our personal relationships, communities, and countries.
Skills up - Youth exchange in Austria
10-18 August 2021, Austria

“Skills Up!” is a project about developing key skills and competences, mainly those soft skills that will be most needed in participants’ future careers.You are going to participate in activities, workshops, reflections, and evaluations and are also going to implement sessions by themselves
Smokinya Foundation is recruiting interns
The Smokinya Foundation is looking for interns to get involved, to be introduced to the work and to help us with the operational work. The internship is for the city of Plovdiv.
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Smokinya events

Smokinya Foundation was a co-host organization for cleaning event together with Zero Waste Green Revolution and Business Lady Club, event was on 29th May. Everyone was welcomed to take part and to clean-up the city, which is very important for Plovdiv. We invite you to join us in our future initiatives.
Smokinya Foundation is continuing with KineDok movie screening, at the well known location of Peyka Cafe. The next screening will be on the 3rd of June. Our next movie is Hungarian, and we have Bulgarian and English subtitles. The movie is about a former mafia man of the infamous Budapest Ghetto who has been teaching boxing to the poor young children of the neighborhood for the past eight years

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