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Smokinya Club


Since July the Smokinya Club is progressing and we are happy to have weekly meetings during the evening to share and invite the young people of the community to have a good time around fun activities.

Here's a quick plan of what happened in June, and what's coming up in July!

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Trainings, exchanges and opportunities


As you know, in Smokinya Foundation we work with international volunteers in order to help youth to find European opportunity and now, we are looking for young people who want to get new working experience as an intern in an interesting environment by making their first step to a career of their dream! If you join us, you will be introduced to the organisation and will be trained how we work. You will be supervised and mentored in a way to set your own goals and learn, practice, develop and master some important life skills and competencies; team work, cooperation, learning to learn, time management, communication and coaching skills, project initiation from A to Z and much more! It sounds great, right? Then click in the following link and become part of the team!

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Eurodesk opportunities

In Smokinya Foundation we know if you are here reading these words, it is because you are interested in the European Union and what is happening there. For these reasons, and taking advantage the European Year of Youth, we are more than convinced that you will find the following tips provided by the Eurodesk platform about how to find and apply to opportunities abroad particularly interesting. So do not wait any longer and take a look now! And if you have not heard about Eurodesk, do not worry, click on the button and discover a new horizon of possibilities!

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Youth Guide – Training Course

As a Youth NGO and official Eurodesk Multiplayer, in Smokinya Foundation we are pleased to announce you that we will host the “Youth Guide” Basic Synergy Training between the 30 August and 9 September; a very intense experience for those who want to get out of their comfort zone and find out themselves. So if you are willing to question your negative beliefs, set up long term goals, gain self-confidence take ownership of your actions, forget your previous prejudices and reflect about the actions you take, this is truly for you. Apply now and be welcome to your new life!

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Elevate YOUth work - Training Course
Do you work in a NGO? Do you want to improve the awareness about LGBTQIA+ situation in your professional environment? Or perhaps you are just interested in the topic? It does not matter; Active Rainbow is inviting people from all over Europe to take part in his Training Course in Latvia, and we are sure that could be the opportunity you were waiting for! Widen your knowledge and competencies about the LGBTQIA+ topic, experience the benefits of international cooperation, improve your organizational team-work skills, discover how to use new digital and media skills… And do not forget about the Image/Theatre/Storytellling techniques! Take the risk, and deliver your application as soon as possible, you will not have regrets.
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On the way to quality – Training Course
Were you looking for a chance to become a youth trainer? Then it is your lucky day, because we have an amazing offer that you cannot refuse. Our friend of Brno Connected have open spots to join to a very intense long term project programme to train people who desires to develop themselves as youth workers. Ten days in Loutí, Czech Republic, where you will deal topics such as international environment, non-formal education, group work and soft skills, Erasmus+ and networking, learning how to design and deliver high quality education, filling the gap produced by official educational systems. The main requirement is to be proactive and have a strong motivation to make a change, so if that is your case, take the step now and apply today! 
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We Grow – Training Course
In Smokinya Foundation we are proud of helping people to find their own way by providing them with the tools they need to achieve a personal and professional development. But now, we are also glad to announce that we will be the main organisers and hosts of a very intense and deep course about capacity building of youth NGO. So if you are a leader, a main representative of another organization this is your chance to find out how to increase the integration of good practices and new methods into daily activities, to create cooperation with organisations active in different social, educational and employment fields, to plan strategically the professional development of the staff in relation to individual needs and organisational objectives or to build networks of international contacts, actively participate in society and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity among many other aspects. Our doors are open, we wait for you. Apply now!
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Joyful Leadership - Training Course
Who are you? Do you consider a natural leader? Or if hat is not the case, would you like to become one? Camphill Community Glencraig, an organization located in Northern Ireland, has open again new vacancies for another of their successful “Joyful Leadership” projects. Designed from a tested holistic approach, they are searching for people over 18 years old like you, who are in a leading position or aspiring to be in one, working in an organization, having a job as a youth worker or just wishing to learn new tools for their current routines who are willing to work hard for a week on this intensive Youth Exchange. Only the braves shall pass! Are you one of them? Apply today!
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Dance your colours – Youth Exchange

What about some days abroad training yourself in personal development? It sounds good, right? Then you are lucky, because Olde Vechte Foundation is offering the chance to take part in an unforgettable Youth Exchange experience in Ommen, Netherlands, on the beginning of September. A great opportunity open for normal participants and also for those ones prepared to become team leaders, where everyone will take part in activities related to dance, expressing emotions through movement styles, connecting with the others and gaining life energy and creativity. If you want to learn more, do not hesitate and as we use to say, apply now!
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Hopeland - ESC Volunteering
More, more and more! Hopeland, a Greek NGO located in Argos is burning the Erasmus+ programme. Now you do not have an excuse to join them as a European Solidarity Corps volunteer, since they offer spots not only for one month project, but also for three. A perfect time for self-reflection, to grow up as an individual and help to improve the local society and environment with the support of an international group of young people. They only ask you to use the strongest power which exists on Earth; your will. Use your hands, your mind and your creativity to overcome your limits thanks to their trainers and make a change for a more sustainable world that you will never forget. Join them, join us!
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PRESS - ESC Volunteering
We are sure that you want to do something useful, something meaningful for your future professional career that helps to improve your labour perspectives. What if we tell you that you can do it while living an amazing experience abroad? YouNet, an Italian NGO, is looking for young people who can engage in a twelve months project as a European Solidarity Corp volunteer in Reggio Emilia. An unrepeatable chance to learn about EU institutions, youth policies and programmes, organise public language tandems, cooperate with the local community, develop your teamwork and leadership abilities and also take part in radio interviews. What is it supposed you are waiting for? Live the adventure of your life!
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New Era - ESC Voluntering
The world is a beautiful place to live in, but even the paradise needs some support. In this regard, if you are a change maker willing to dirty your hands to create a better environment that fits for everyone, Hopeland, and NGO located in Greece has a gift for you. What about a full month living as a volunteer in Argos? Take initiatives by creating opportunities and real results for the society and local communities, share an unforgettable experience surrounded by people from other countries in an eco-village in the nature, learn how to handle with challenges and problems in your life and of course, develop your media skills working on photography, video editing, documenting and film making. But above all, test yourself! Get out of your comfort zone and do not let pass this opportunity. Apply now!
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News, events and activities

Smokinya Podcast

Do you like to travel? Maybe you think your future lies abroad? Or do you just like to have fun in good company? Then you are in luck, because our international team has recently created "Smokinya Poadcast", a digital and online radio show that will touch on many different youth-related topics such as employment, entrepreneurship, studying and working abroad, life experiences and much more. During this second season, we will talk about volunteering, Erasmus programmes, working or studying abroad, thanks to the personal experience of some of our motivated participants in Smokinya Foundation. Are you going to miss the opportunity? Click on the button below and enjoy, learn and laugh.


Maybe you have already heard about Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects, since we make a huge effort to reach all of you, but… Did you know that there are hundreds of granted opportunities waiting for you in the European Union? Were quite sure that is not the case since they are unfortunately unknow, but as an official Eurodesk Multiplier is our duty, and of course a pleasure, to do it. So, we are glad to let you know that we have prepared a detailed article on our website where we present you five amazing chances for you; traineeships in the EU Delegations, in the European Medicines Agency or in the EU Court of Justice, to volunteering in the United Nations or GreenPeace. Does it sound interesting, right? Then visit our website, you can find all the information that you need there; how to apply, formal requirements, extra links…. Do not miss it these Europportunties, apply now!
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A meaningful Tuesday
Do you have too much free time? Are you interested in personal development? Then pay attention to our “Meaningful Tuesdays”, a new initiative which gives a chance to the young people in Plovdiv to acquire a deep knowledge about different topics highly demanded in the current labour market. Designed as a compilation of weekly workshops, in Smokinya Foundation we started sharing our experience about what is coaching and how to coach yourself in your private and personal life. An intense but rewarding session organised by the director of our organization, that our participants could enjoyed for free. The only price they had to pay was their time, and regarding their opinions, it was absolutely worth it. Next time do not hesitate, join us and take advantage of these free useful trainings!
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International Youth Festival
We know that office work is part of the daily routine of every NGO, and Smokinya Foundation is not an exception as our volunteer team can confirm. However, we love to be in touch with the youth in Plovdiv, talk with them about their future perspectives and try to support them by offering quality opportunities to get relevant experiences abroad. In this regard, we could not avoid the temptation and some weeks ago we participated in the amazing International Youth Festival located close to the Rowing Channel. It was so great! We attended workshops related to current topics like personal development or leadership, we exchanged impressions and contacts with other similar organizations from countries all over Europe and the most important thing, we interacted with many people thanks to our quiz games, prizes, gifts and other surprising activities that we had prepared for them. Learning by enjoying, that is our creed. Would you like to try? We wait for you every Thursday!
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Better together: Working for the youth in Stoli Pinovo
In Smokinya Foundation we defend the idea of equal opportunities for everyone, without considering the religious, ethnical, academic or social background of people. We all are human beings, and we all have the same dreams and desires. Thus, our crew decided to participate in the beautiful event organised in the humble neighbourhood of Stoli Pinovo, cooperating with Roma people in order to facilitate them a full integration in our local environment. In particular, our volunteers designed a fancy activity plan based on different games about painting, handcrafting and decoration tasks focused on those one who need more care; the children. There was a magical and colourful day plenty of traditional music, laughs and kindness, even some hugs and tears when our team had to leave the please and come back home, so we assume that we did our job and that is why we could not be happier. Somethings are just priceless, and the true smile of a kid is one of them!
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Cleaning the Maritsa river: Part II
It is said that if you want to change the world, you must start by changing yourself, little by little, step by step. For these reasons, regarding our motto of creating a world that works for everyone, out of love, care and cooperation, in Smokinya Foundation we decided to keep on working on the improvement of our beloved city of Plovdiv. In this way, some days ago our proactive team of volunteers, together with the support of our followers, took their gloves and bags and despite the hot summer days, they gathered to clean the Maritsa riverside. We can say that it was not easy, neither nice due to the amount of trash and pollution accumulated there, but for sure it was absolutely rewarding. Now our neighbours have a clean and nice place to spend time in the open. Their greetings are the best price for us! If you are interested in taking part in these events, take a look to our video in the following link and pay attention, we organise them twice a month. Come and join us!
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Smokinya in the streets
We are used to live in a digital world where everything has become instantaneous. We send an email, we share an emoji, we watch a video and it does not matter if you live in Australia or in Belgium, it works. And that is great! But in Smokinya we refuse to lose the personal interaction, the human contact since that is what really define us as social animals, as individuals (and we love dealing with our followers hand to hand, we must admit it). According to this, every week our crew goes out of our headquarters and take the control of the streets, spreading our values, goals and specially our projects and opportunities everywhere, from parks and official institutions to High Schools and Universities. Why? Because the youth of today is the future of tomorrow, and we believe that these experiences will not only help them to improve their professional profiles and work perspectives, but also to grow up from inside, as people. Do you want to collaborate with us? Go ahead! We will be more than pleased.
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Lights, camera, action!
We are sure you have watched hundreds, probably thousands of movies during your life. You know the name oof the actors and actresses, you fall in love, hate and cry together with the characters that they perform. For these reasons, a few days ago in Smokinya Foundation we prepared an interesting activity where all our guest had to show their creativity and become for one day, in the characters that they love so much. But it was not so easy! With our “Lights, camera, action” event, we asked them to recreate a famous movie scene, respecting the times and dialogues despite we also provided them some space for improvising. And after several tries, a lot of jokes and also many nerves, they made it true. It was impressive! So now, besides counting on the best people in Plovdiv, we are also convinced that we have a future Leonardo Dicaprio or Angelina Jolie cooperating with us.  
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Horo Dance
Smokinya Foundation is formed by a team of volunteers who com from many different countries, and our followers have also a very diverse background. All of them live, work and study in Bulgaria, but… How much deep have they gone in cultural terms? We believe that it is not possible to feel like a true Bulgarian unless you try our “Horo Dance”, an ancient compilation of different popular folk dances that identify us. Thus, we scheduled for our previous Smokinya Club a marvellous session to learn how to practise this old dance, and we only can say that everyone tried their best. Some of them even received the approval of our professional Horo trainer! As you can see, life is too complicated to take it seriously, and it is needed to take a break from time to time. So next time leave your embarrassment at home and follow the rhythm of the bagpipes with us. You will not regret it!
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Self-love, self-care
In Smokinya we have a crusade against boredom and laziness, so we try to bring fresh activities every week four you, our beloved followers. In this regard, some days ago we made the choice of preparing a very special event, focusing more on ourselves and taking time for our personal preferences and desires. Thus, by answering personal questions we found our way to our centre and became aware of the activities through which our energy resources can be refilled, asking our guests to design their personal image of self-love, present it to the group and create a large common self-love poster. Something particularly important in a society dominated by stress and time pressure, where reserving some time to value and rethink about ourselves it has become a must to avoid unpleasant situations and recharge energies. Join us the next time and check it out by yourself!
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Artistic Recycling
Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, snow storms, droughts… Climate change is almost here, but we still have time; even now we can reach a solution. In this way, in Smokinya we thought of an interesting activity for our followers that was not only entertaining, but also meaningful. So, we said it and we did it! Some days ago, Igor, our compromised volunteer from Siberia, was in charge of the Smokinya Club event, explaining our young guests about what the Sustainable Development Goals are, what exactly means the expression “zero waste” and how to avoid wasting materials that can be easily reused. Regarding this, everyone had to work on the transformation of different old glass bottles into beautiful house ornaments, perfect to decorate our homes with a nice vintage and retro style. What else do you need to stop polluting? It is so easy and funny! Visit our activities and find out how to beat the global warming starting by your daily habits.
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Scavenger Hunt
It is said that the most meaningful part of every trip is not to reach the final line, but to enjoy the journey. However, we all understand how much everybody loves to win, at least from time to time. According to these reasons, our team of international volunteers prepared few days ago a tricky social game commonly called “Scavenger Hunt”, where our guest had not only to defeat the opposite team as fast as possible, but also, and it was the part that the enjoyed the most, to solve several riddles formed by questions, tips, hints and instructions that would allow them to continue searching the hidden “treasure”. Of course not everybody could win, but regarding how efficiently they worked together, we can assure you that we count on true Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes among our people. Next time, more an better!
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July 2022

We know that the Summer is here, and with it also the good weather. Thus, although in Smokinya Foundation we will take a short break, for sure we will not stop! Pay attention and take a look to our social media because these weeks come plenty of new interesting opportunities, cool events and creative activities, from speech trainings to gender roles workshops. Be prepared, let’s spend this never-ending summer days together!

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What are the experiences and successes of previous participants in our Erasmus + courses?
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