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In this month we already had two ‘Smokinya club’ meetings. The second one was in the youth hill, where we presented a circle of creativity by trying to help “Smokinya club” members to find the best way to make their ideas reality. From the first event where we had approximately 20 participants we have more than 30 ideas on what can be done, to change, or improve our reality and situation around us. Step by step we are increasing involvement in the community of Plovdiv, people who want to have a good impact on their city.
Our club members have a lot of great ideas on how and what to do. With our help and cooperation we can do everything together.

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New episode of Smokinya Show is out!

The fifth episode of the Smokinya Show is about modern and traditional lifestyles, combining them and living them both. Vladan and Nenko discussed failures and overcoming them, and Nenko shared his story and his opinion on the fusion between two lifestyles. In the end Nenko shared interesting stories about the kingdom of mushrooms, why and how they may be sustainable food for the future.

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Every month we have a documentary movie screening where everyone can join us.
For the next screening we will present ‘Central Bus Station’ which is Czech republic movie.
The gift for Tel Aviv’s citizens now serves as a haven for refugees from all over the world. Yonatan has been guiding people through for 17 years already, showing people, who follow, the dark side of the station. He discovers communities in places that were supposed to stay hidden. These communities are overseeing their traditions and values and they want to defend their new home. This way, the building reflects a world of the society outside its walls.

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Volunteering opportunity

Grab on your wave

We have a new ESC volunteering opportunity open for participants to live one year in Plovdiv as a volunteer with Smokinya Foundation!

Opportunities all around Europe

Steps to Connection – Training Course in Italy
15 – 24/09/2021, Italy

Training course about Nonviolent Communication.  Nonviolent communication (NVC) is a unique approach that is very much needed in all levels of our society and communities, especially among people who work with youth.
Greenspiration – Youth exchange in Romania
2-10 August 2021, Romania

Youth exchange about recycling and sustainability. In this program you will have the chance to learn several recycling and upcycling methods, and you will learn to create unique, design objects out of them.

My climate step Training course in the Czech Republic
21st – 30th August, 2021 Czech Republic


Training course about climate change and environment protection

The goal of the training is to practice sustainability and zero waste on a personal level, to address climate change with concrete actions in youth work and to become aware of oneself, our emotions and senses. 

Compassion in Action – Training Course in The Czech Republic
12-20 October 2021, Czech Republic

Training course about compassion and empathy. The communication we want to grow through this project is based on connеcting to other’s needs and expressing one’s own. The idea behind is to review and to improve the connection and understanding in our personal relationships,communities, and countries.

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