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Since July the Smokinya Club is progressing and we are happy to have weekly meetings during the evening to share and invite the young people of the community to have a good time around fun activities.

Here's a quick plan of what happened in August, and what's coming up in September!

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Trainings, exchanges and opportunities


As you know, in Smokinya Foundation we work with international volunteers in order to help youth to find European opportunity and now, we are looking for young people who want to get new working experience as an intern in an interesting environment by making their first step to a career of their dream! If you join us, you will be introduced to the organisation and will be trained how we work. You will be supervised and mentored in a way to set your own goals and learn, practice, develop and master some important life skills and competencies; team work, cooperation, learning to learn, time management, communication and coaching skills, project initiation from A to Z and much more! It sounds great, right? Then click in the following link and become part of the team!

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Eurodesk opportunities

In Smokinya Foundation we know if you are here reading these words, it is because you are interested in the European Union and what is happening there. For these reasons, and taking advantage the European Year of Youth, we are more than convinced that you will find the following tips provided by the Eurodesk platform about how to find and apply to opportunities abroad particularly interesting. So do not wait any longer and take a look now! And if you have not heard about Eurodesk, do not worry, click on the button and discover a new horizon of possibilities!

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Sustainable Me - Training Course
We live in a world that moves too fast at times, where we may find it difficult to meet and adapt to all the new changes that are coming in our time. In addition, we have an appointment with our commitment to the global environment to reverse the current levels of pollution and to stop the climate change that is already a dangerous reality in our lifetimes. So, what if we told you that you could do both? What if someone gave you the opportunity to take a break from your life to invest a few days to learn and contribute to doing something really meaningful for nature? Because this is no joke; Narana Hostopece, an NGO based in the Czech Republic, is looking for motivated participants willing to live an absolutely offline and isolated from the rest of the world experience in the heart of the country, where they will be taught about topics such as zero waste, sustainable lifestyle, recycling or the fight against global warming. Are you that person? Apply now!
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RadiUnite – Training Course
We know that you are worried about the complex situation the world is facing right now regarding the violence against women and the powerful impact that social and mass media can have in our society. In this way, if you are a youth worker, trainer, facilitator or volunteer concerned about these topics, what are you waiting for? Altradimora offers you the opportunity to take part in Radi-Unite, a deep project where participants will deal with topics such as non violent communication, body movement, oppression, diversity, the role of men, language or street harassment through interactive lectures and group work, circle sharing, open discussions or dyads among many others. A project though to lead youth workers to rethink their collective image of man and woman, raise awareness about gender stereotypes, learn how to play radio broadcasts or register and share a radio podcast. Do not hesitate it anymore, join them!
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Conflict Transformation in Youth Work - Preparatory Visit
Are you passionate about Youth Work? Would you like to improve your skills in conflict resolution? Then pay attention, because you have a mandatory appointment in December 2022 in Ommen, Netherlands, with a Training Course where you will playfully explore this topic going beyond the idea of right and wrong, giving you new tools to handle conflicts in professional and personal environments. More information will be provided soon, when the application process will be open, but for now do not miss the chance to participate in the “Preparatory Visit” between 30th September and 3rd October, a great occasion to get more involved, discover the place where the Training Course will be held and cooperate with the organisers. Do not overthink too much, apply today and live the experience!
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Think Before you Click – Training Course
How aware are you of the world around you? Do you know how to process all the information you receive? With "Think before you click", a new Erasmus+ training course from WeUnite, you have the opportunity not only to develop your existing media literacy, analytical and critical thinking skills, but also to learn new and useful ones. Participate in an international experience in Austria, discuss and exchange perspectives in workshops taught by social media specialists, disconnect from digital devices and become a conscious and wise user of digital media online, personally and professionally. The deadline is approaching, so run and register now!
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Share the Authentic – Training Course
Have you ever taken a second to reflect on the importance of your voice? Would you like to learn how to use it properly to achieve better results in your daily life? If so, you cannot miss this opportunity to spend ten days in the heart of Italy, where you will be trained to explore and experience new voice techniques and tools that will help you discover new functions of the voice and how they affect the image you give to others. If you currently work with the public or your dream is to do so, the time has come to start using your voice professionally; discover how the storytelling method works by involving your body in an intense experiential process and make a change for the better in your life. You will not regret it, sign up today!
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Lead On – Training Course
How do I become more confident in a leader role? What are my strengths I can build upon? How can I be more accountable for the impact I have in my life? Where do I find inspiration for myself and how can I become inspiring for others? If you have questions such as these ones flying around your mind, this opportunity is definitely for you. Thanks to Youthtopia, a non formal youth group settled in Heraklion (Greece) and its Synergy training method, now you have the chance to empower yourself in a leader role through and experience based on a series of intense personal development which are highly non-formal but experiential, making the participants deal with topics and concepts of automatic behaviours, patterns, inclusion, cooperation, communication, authenticity, integrity and accountability among many other aspects. Take the leadership of your life, apply now!
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News, events and activities

Smokinya Podcast

Do you like to travel? Maybe you think your future lies abroad? Or do you just like to have fun in good company? Then you are in luck, because our international team has recently created "Smokinya Poadcast", a digital and online radio show that will touch on many different youth-related topics such as employment, entrepreneurship, studying and working abroad, life experiences and much more. During this second season, we will talk about volunteering, Erasmus programmes, working or studying abroad, thanks to the personal experience of local people and some of our motivated participants in Smokinya Foundation. Are you going to miss the opportunity? Click on the button below and enjoy, learn and laugh.

Sustainable Development Goals
Do you know what the United Nations is? Have you heard of the Sustainable Development Goals? In any case, we are sure you will find our new article both interesting and useful, where we explain the reasons why this initiative was taken in 2015 to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace by 2030. Do you want to know what are these 17 goals subscribed by most of the countries in the world? Click on the following link and become an active member of this change.
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Eurodesk Opportunity Finder
Is this Summer too long for you? For sure it is not, we know it. However, it is time to start to consider what you are going to do during the following course, and in this regard we are glad to remind you that thanks to our colleagues from Eurodesk, you have in your hand the possibility to check most of the available opportunities to have an experience abroad with only one click. Grants, volunteering, traineeships, competitions and much more are summarised there waiting for you. Do you still have doubts? Do not worry, check out our video and you will see how your fears disappear. The European Union is for everyone and belong to everyone, so take advantage of these meaningful opportunities, we promise you they are really priceless.
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A picture is worth a thousand words
We are always encouraging all of you to take the step, get out of your comfort zone and do something that helps you to reach your personal and professional goals in the future. In this way, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so in case you are not convinced about taking part in our projects abroad, just take a look to these testimonials from young people like you wo has been involved in Erasmus+ and ESC experiences in the recent months. Discover their stories, find out their life goals, laugh with their sweet memories and cry a bit with their feeling after saying goodbye to all those new friends they met during a project. But above all, reflect about it! If they could do it, why not you? We will look forward to your inquiries!
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An heritage for everyone: Cleaning the Nebet Tepe HIll
Plovdiv is, according to official reports, the oldest city in Europe and one of the five more ancient cities around the world, so it is normal to go for a walk in Kapana and find foreign people from many different countries; people who has come to Bulgaria to enjoy our culture, taste our gastronomy and exchange experiences with our people. Thus, and in order to keep a safe and healthy environment where we all can take advantage of our common heritage, our team of volunteers has decided to take again their gloves and bags and face the rubbish which was accumulating in one of the most touristic sites of the city, the old hill of Nebet Tepe. It was not easy, neither fast, but their job has already produced its first results and not only local, but also foreign people has recognised their effort. Something that they have done just because they believe, as we usually say, in the power of our will to make a change. Joint the next time, all for one and one for all!
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Erasmus+ and ESC - Stories and Opportunities
As an accredited NGO in the field of international mobility, we are aware of the amount of information we share with all of you, something that can even be overwhelming if you are new to this and trying to take your first steps in this world of Erasmus+ and ESC. For these reasons, our team decided to dedicate a whole afternoon to explain in detail to all our supporters and guests how these EU programmes work, what they can expect as participants, what kind of benefits they can take advantage of and, above all, why we encourage young people to go ahead with them. Our international team of volunteers have done their best, but if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be more than happy to support you. Join us next time and learn while having fun!
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Cooking Skills Workshop
Food has a culture, a history, a relationship said the American writer Winona Laduke, and we could not agree more with her. For these reasons, in Smokinya Foundation we wanted to prepare a very special event for these difficult times, an activity that unites all our participants under the umbrella of a common goal; to bake and eat bread together! And we are not talking about industrial bread, but a traditional homemade one, seasoned with Bulgarian ingredients. Do you want to see the result? Watch the video, we are sure you will not miss our next event. With so much laughter, good multicultural atmosphere and nice people, who will? Besides, the little brunch after the cooking session was definitely the cherry on the top of the cake. Do not think twice and join us, we are waiting for you!
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September 2022

The end of summer is approaching, leaves are beginning to fall from the trees, a new academic year is starting... But Smokinya Foundation is still working for you! We believe that after a few months of relaxation it is time to recharge your energy with various activities and events that support your personal and professional goals, while enjoying an international and healthy environment surrounded by motivated young people like you. So hold on, because September is here and what a month it is! Global warming role plays, voice art workshops, clean-up events, leadership and international humanitarian aid masterclasses and much more! Stay tuned to our social media, do not miss this train!

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What are the experiences and successes of previous participants in our Erasmus + courses?
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