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Newsletter April 2023

B.R.I.G.H.T. Future
Are you interested in camping? Do you want to start a new adventure away from the noise of cities and live in a village with a simple life? Do you have the desire to learn and acquire new skills? Then this opportunity is for You!

Where? Mrachenik, Plovdiv district, Bulgaria
When? 31 May - 29 June 2023
Deadline of applications: 30 April 2023
Smokinya Foundation is looking for proactive, creative people who are ready to spend 4 weeks with an international team in a foreign country! If you are between 18 and 29 years old and want to learn new things, we suggest you to apply for this project! 
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Donation from Schneider Electric Bulgaria!

We are extremely excited to announce that as part of the B.R.I.G.H.T. Future" we have received a donation from Schneider Electric Bulgaria!

Schneider was among the first to respond, providing and delivering 120 pallets to build wooden structures for a volunteer camp in the village of Mrachenik. In addition, the pallets will be used in village refreshment activities.

The Foundation team extends our deepest gratitude to the company, and we hope to partner with them in the future to benefit the community!

If you too would like to support us in our mission you can contact us at, any assistance is invaluable to us!

Smokinya Events

Smokinya Club
In April we had 4 Smokinya Clubs. The first meeting was dedicated to learn about how to use online platform for opportunities abroad. On 13th April we went to Arsenal of art gallery to paint together about our emotions. On 20h April we played volleyball. Last Smokinya Club in April was about Spain where people learn more about country of one of the volunteers.
In all of the Smokinya Clubs we gathered 45 participants!

Are you ready for May?

Plan of Smokinya Club is ready and it looks promising! This month there is a lot of diverse topics so everyone could find a suitable for themselves.
Don't wait, register now:

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Cleaning Events
Everyone likes to spend their free time outside but not everyone cares about the outdoor space. Trash is everywhere. That's why we decided to do something with that! In April we went one time to clean next to Maritsa River and one time in Sahat Tepe.
8 April
After the cleaning we had a picnic at the place we cleaned!
22 April
In those 2 events 20 people came to help!

It is not the end of cleaning for us. In May we are gonna have 2 more and
we are waiting for YOU to join US! 

Check your calendar if you are free on 9th and 19th May and come to clean with Smokinya Team
Youth Rises Skills
Youth Rises Skills is a youth exchange hosted by Smokinya Foundation in Plovdiv, the participants had the chance to learn more about entrepreneurship while also having fun!


Call for ESC Volunteers - A4ACTION 
The volunteers will create, organise and implement Educational activities, content creation, administrative activities.

When?  April/May 2023 – January 2024
Where?  Ghermănești, Snagov, Romania
Deadline:  ASAP

If you are actively involved in a NGO in your country, and you have worked with young people or children at least once this project is perfect for YOU!
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Pride Begins
Pride Begins is a volunteering teams project for 38 days in Riga, Latvia, in which you can join and become a vibrant part of Active Rainbow crew and community, focusing on LGBTQIA+ education, activism and community building.

When?  3rd May – 9th June 2023
Where?  Hostel Turība, Riga, Latvia
Deadline:  ASAP

You will have the chance to learn about the culture and promoting solidarity, inclusivity, nurturance and equity in Latvia.
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Fly to the next rainbow
Do you want learn how to operate with a view to complete social inclusion? Do you want to deal with the topic of social inclusion through theater? Do you want a concrete opportunity for personal and social growth?  
If yes, this training course is perfect for You!

 6 - 13 June 2023 (travelling days included)
Where?  Rovinaglia, Parma - Italy
Deadline:  ASAP

This Training Course aims to explore the topic of social inclusion through theater methods.
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New Era
Live for 1 month in Hopeland, a 7-acre eco place in southern Greece focusing on sustainability and co-create your dream community with 14 more volunteers from around Europe.

When?  9 June - 10 July 2023 (travelling days included)
Where?  Hopeland, Greece
Deadline:  ASAP

Put your hands, mind and creativity into use in order to support the hosting of group trainings and residencies, to assist with the enhancement of the place and to connect with the local community of Hopeland
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Volunteering Summer Fest 2

The project is a big volunteering festival of 1 month that includes also public events like concerts and

When? 12th June – 12th July 2023
Where?  Bergolo, Italy
Deadline:  ASAP

Volunteers will be involved in manual tasks related to the green areas of the village, in building treehouses with the support of Buitendoor organization from the Netherlands, in the management of events and in the organization of a summer school for teenagers.

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Eyes Wide Open

The project is all about creating and experiencing a healthy community within nature while focusing also on hands-on activities (gardening and construction works), outreaching the local society (organising a local festival), and activities towards heritage digitalisation.

When? July – 31 July 2023 
Where? Bergolo, Italy
Deadline:  ASAP

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Health Common Good

Live for 1 month in Hopeland, a 7-acre eco place in southern Greece focusing on sustainability and co-create your dream community. 

When? July 11th – August 11th 2023 
Where?  Argos, Greece
Deadline:  ASAP

Put your hands, your mind and your creativity into the enhancement of the place, creation of a nurturing community and into outreaching locals around Hopeland and beyond.

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DreamShapers 3.0

Dreamshapers 3.0 is a youth exchange, where you can experience living in an international community of 40 young people from 8 countries of Europe, discovering what resourcefulness and entrepreneurship really mean.

When? 22 July – 3rd August 2023
Where?  Hollókő, Hungary
Deadline:  ASAP

Experience how you can learn and have fun at the same time while enjoying the stunning Hungarian countryside

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Greenovation 3.1

Live for 6 weeks in Hopeland, a 7-acre eco place in southern Greece focusing on sustainability and co-create your dream community with 15 more volunteers from around Europe (18-30 years old)

When? 12August – 22 September 2023
Where? Hopeland, Argos, Greece
Deadline:  ASAP


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Food Lab is a youth exchange to raise awareness of sustainable development and climate change and to question the central role of food in our societies, and more particularly the issue of food waste. 

When? 5 – 25 September 2023
Where?  Lozère, France
Deadline:  1 August

In a dynamic of non-formal education, participants will be able “to make and to live together” and each participant will be responsible for the daily life of the group.

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Eurodesk opportunities

In Smokinya Foundation we know if you are here reading these words, it is because you are interested in the European Union and what is happening there. For these reasons, and taking advantage the European Year of Youth, we are more than convinced that you will find the tips provided by the Eurodesk platform about how to find and apply to opportunities abroad particularly interesting. So do not wait any longer and take a look now! And if you have not heard about Eurodesk, do not worry, click on the button and discover a new horizon of possibilities!

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Do you want to know more about ESC?

If you are interested in long-term volunteering abroad under the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme.
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What are the experiences and successes of previous participants in our Erasmus + courses?
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