Clay workshops to keep the flame of hope burning


Volunteer works never stop. Not even on weekend.
We use our few artistic knowledge to make handmade products to sell in the Facebook group “За АЛЕКСАНДРА – For Alexandra”.

Alexandra is 4-year-old girl who has a diagnosis of generalized developmental disorder with autistic features, which in her case is expressed in motor and mental retardation, and for this she needs constant helps. Unfortunately, the therapies do not lead to progress, so her mother wants to try a new treatment option very expensive in Kiev. Many people join her cause and sell different products to raise the funds for the therapy.

Among them, Sofi ask us a help to make handmade products with clay in order to participate to this fundraising and then every Saturday we join with enthusiasm to clay workshops, hold in the Old Town (Street of Crafts), from 1pm to 2:30 pm.

This is a way to improve artistic skills but also to practise patience, moreover, it is a really relaxing activity. Above all we can help this girl and her mother: this is a beautiful experience to keep the flame of hope burning.

In the previous Saturdays we made different decorations. To make that we pick up leaves and flowers and we press them on the clay, so there are pretty decorations on the clay. After that, we model the material in different shapes and our creations become plates, hearts, leaves and bells.

Are you interested in artistic workshops? Contact us to participate in this charity initiative!


Clay workshops to keep the flame of hope burning