Theatre workshop – activity from Rosa

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Last week our volunteer Rosa from Spain gave Smokinya team a theater workshop and explained a lot about why acting is actually useful even if you are not a professional actor.

In general, a theater course can provide a lot of useful things in terms of moral, personal development, and career, regardless of whether this career is associated with the theater or not.

A theater studio is teamwork, certain exercises, many of which are based on the principle of the game. This helps a lot morally and psychologically. For example, acting classes help many people deal with stress and express their emotions. Those who study in theater studios, for example, in the evenings after work, can throw out all their negative emotions that have accumulated during the day in the play. Also, courses help to recharge with positive emotions.

Theatre exercises, presented by Rosa, helped us to develop certain skills that are useful for life, such as:

• How to cope with some phobias and fears. The most commonplace, of course, is stage fright. We manage to overcome the embarrassment to speak in public, and this makes life much easier. Also, theatre workshops helped to overcome excessive shyness, teach how to communicate with people easier, not be afraid to seem funny or say something wrong.

• Self-presentation skills. Now it is much easier for us to make reports and prepare messages. Also, in the future, this skill will be a huge plus when you need to look for a job and come for an interview. The ability to present yourself correctly is highly valued today.

• The development of imagination – originality, creativity is highly valued today in many areas. Rosa showed how to find non-standard approaches to any situation.

Thank You for this useful knowledge and skills, Rosa, and for this 4 month in Smokinya!

Bye-bye and hope to see you soon!

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Theatre workshop – activity from Rosa