A small recap of “Making a dream come true” event


A small recap of “Making a dream come true” event

The event happened on 11 October 2020 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Hosted by Peyka Cafe, organized by Finn Bergmann

Currently working with Smokinya Foundation I had the chance to host a talk about my travels, to be exact: about the emotional journey I had before even taking the step to leave my home country, Germany.

For me it was a great opportunity because of two reasons.
Mainly I got inspired to talk about how it is to make the step towards leaving for good, because of one response I continuously hear from people which I tell about my current lifestyle.

“Wow Finn, I admire you making that step to go to see the world, I could never do this”

Nonsense, I think if I could do it, then everybody can. I had a lot ups and downs from having the idea, to when I actually left and it was not easy, but certainly I do not have anything that not all of you have to take the big step towards your personal dreams.

Knowing this, Smokinya Foundation and me saw the chance to reach out to others, encouraging them to follow their dreams.

This talk was also an experiment for myself, not only never having done done a speech in that extend, nor in English, I also wanted to try out how it is to reach people through emotions and sharing difficulties in life that others can relate to.

I am super happy how well it went, with people coming to me after the event telling me what they will take home from my talk and in which ways I managed to inspire them my biggest goal came true.

Also, I saw once again how important it is to speak about emotions, and that it is always worth taking the risk speaking about them, with the tremendously positive effect this can have.
For oneself, but also for others.

Thanks a lot for having this great opportunity.

Finn Bergmann

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A small recap of “Making a dream come true” event