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Hi everyone, I introduce myself, I’m Fabrizio, I’m 29 years old and I’m Italian.
I’m in Bulgaria because I’m doing the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs mobility.

I am a trainer and educator who has been working with non-formal education projects for few years.
I started in Croatia doing the European Voluntary Service. Since then I have traveled a lot and worked with hundreds of people from all over Europe.
I strongly believe that education is one of the keys to improve the quality of life of people and therefore of the whole society, and I started working on myself on a personal level, and then on sharing my knowledge and values with others.

I start from the core assumption and belief that people are not broken, and anybody do not need to be fixed, but that there is a lack of work on emotional intelligence, expression of emotions and body awareness.

As said before I am here in Bulgaria through the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs.
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme which offers to new aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn the from established professionals who run small or medium-sized enterprises in another country participating in the programme.

I am working together with Smokinya Foundation.
I am here to develop my business idea related to education and psychological well-being.

The problem I want to work with is that I see that modern society is today increasingly dominated by frenetic lifestyles interconnected with intensive use of modern media and social media.
These lifestyles and social media have led to a scale from the local to the international, to a distancing of people from reality, to a distancing from their inner selves, revealing themselves in various problems in today’s society, which today has become both a slave and a master of this reality.
The phenomenon that most affects our society is defined by a multifaceted term: STRESS.

I am here to organize together with Smokinya Foundation a project that includes raising awareness on impact of technologies and social media abuse, and a retreat that will involve 20 participants, where they will spend 8 days disconnected from technologies, and reconnect to more human values.

By now I have been in Bulgaria for about 3 months, I live in Plovdiv, and I can draw my first thoughts about this country.

I visited Sofia and lived in Plovdiv, as I was saying, 2 cities so close but so different.
Sofia, colder, but faster, everything moves, new meetings every day, from a cafe to another, working, meetings, gym, a faster life, useful to create connections but a bit tiring from other points of view.
I met many people from different countries, shared ideas with international trainers, met experts and developed connections. The negative point is the smog and traffic.

Plovdiv on the other hand is more on a human scale, I can walk from one side of the city to the other quietly, there are more colours and a “hipsterish” atmosphere, it looks like a freelance paradise, however I haven’t had the chance to create my network here yet.

Summing up, I’m happy to have undertaken this adventure here in Bulgaria, the cost of living is certainly lower than in Italy, but that doesn’t mean that the quality is different, on the contrary, I can easy find good food, good coffee, nice networking places.

The only thing that saddens me a bit is the pollution, but I think there is a willingness to work on this too.

A common thing with Italy, people complaining about politicians.

As for my project, it’s going well, follow us on Smokinya’s media channels, we’ll update you soon!

Gig hug

My projects

New Wellness Education

Bike Touring diary – Дневник на колоездача

Case Study Smokinya Foundation
Original challange

Cycle Well Project

Update, 24 March 2020
In these days of quarantine I couldn’t stand still, I couldn’t stop working, creating projects, creating educational opportunities and learning spaces.

I have been working in the world of education for few years, with projects organised in Italy and Europe, thousands of hours of volunteering, projects and courses organised and implemented. And now I couldn’t stay locked in a room waiting.

So the idea of creating an online education group was born, working with an integrated approach of formal, non-formal and informal education, with a support path for those who want to continue to work on themselves and improve themselves.

Together with the association that I founded with Antonio and other friends, New Wellness Education we created a group, Learn Well – Free online learning, which already has more than 700 members, we created a team, Francesca Agnese, Francesco Pipparelli, and Giorgia Foisor have responded “present” to our request and have become an integral and fundamental part of the project.

We are now in the second week, and we have decided to take the direction of working on 360° wellness. This week we face together the theme of the spaces that surround us, (also considering the quarantine situation in which we find ourselves) of how to make them functional, a support and not a limit.

In the group we give weekly objectives, tasks, online lessons and food for thought, we want to propose again the tools we already use in the Erasmus+ projects we organize, but in a virtual way.

What drives me to do this is an incredible desire for freedom, a desire for hope, a desire to fight fear and work with education, through curiosity, joy, games, spirit of initiative and psycho-physical well-being, aspects to keep at the center of the days in difficult moments like these!

In the video below you can see me, give some contents and a task to the group, with all my anxiety, my fear, but also my desire to do!

I launch an appeal to you friends, continue to be curious, continue to set ambitious goals!

A big hug!

Update 23 March 2020

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs – Fabrizio’s journey