Documentary Screenings with Smokinya – Aegean

September 5th, 2019 – second Documentary Screening with Smokinya Foundation

Movie: Aegean

Greece is known to be a European country struggling with extreme masses of refugees who had to fled their home countries due to political and religious prosecution. Even tough the media doesn’t report on it too often anymore, the refugee crisis and its consequences are still a present challenge a multitude of people have to face within this country.

Smokinya Foundation decided to dedicate its second documentary screening to this particular topic and therefore chose to show “Aegean” directed by Tomás Barão da Cunha and Raul Fretes. Welcoming familiar as well as new guests, our group gained deep insight into several refugee’s stories throughout the documentary. Being used to the news’ rather radical and violent way of portraying issues such as this one, the directors here accomplishes to shed light on this topic from a much more personal perspective. By filming several surroundings such as city buildings or the sea added with calming music, they achieved to create a melancholic atmosphere which highlighted the touching but true stories of refugees from different origins who shared their experiences and hopes. Therefore, they abstained from showing the narrator’s faces in order to retain their privacy and allow the audience to fully indulge in their words.

This documentary definitely had an impact on us and this way led to a discussion afterwards where one could share personal experiences as well. Having guests from different countries such as Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Germany or Latvia, it was especially interesting to hear how the refugee crisis is perceived in those particular countries and what feelings it arouses. Moreover, one associate of the documentary makers was present sharing his own experiences as a volunteer in Greece and providing an in-depth look behind the scenes of “Aegean”.

In the end, we were able to learn something new from each other and agreed that the refugee crisis endures to cause the suffering of numerous innocent people on which we must not turn our back.

Calling this evening a successful event, we are looking forward to the next documentary screening at the Smokinya Office which will take place on the 26th of September showing on of our guests documentary.

Melanie Schäfer

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Documentary Screenings with Smokinya – Aegean