Volunteering chronicles – Read what iHIGHER volunteers are sharing!


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Volunteering chronicles – Read what iHIGHER volunteers are sharing!


Here we are again! Carmen and Ilze from Smokinya Team!

It is hard to believe that our volunteering here, in Sofia, has been already 4 and a half months long! Grateful to be here!
Our Christmas holidays are over. It was a nice time to be with our families, our friends or to travel to other cities, but is also its time to think about these last months.

We arrived in September, with a suitcase full of illusion in a completely new country, and it has been a big challenge for us. We spent the first two months trying to find our place here.

Now Sofia is our second home, we have a big group of friends who are our family, they are from many different countries, some of them live in other cities and towns so we can visit them and discover new cities almost for free!

This opportunity was possible due to the On-Arrival Training we had organised by NA HRDC, where we met a big group of nice volunteers from all around Bulgaria, we learnt many things about our rights and obligations as volunteers, shared experiences and feelings together through games and activities. It was awesome! It is not possible to forget that amazing week!

A lot have happened even before that – The Big Networking event, workshops of Ilze with Coloured Glasses project, Spanish lessons of Carmen at Miguel de Cervantes School in Sofia and many more.

In Smokinya Foundation, every day is a challenge, although we know each other and we understand how the organisation works, we have great projects to develop so we need to put a lot of effort to support our team. Some days we have a lot of work to do, other days we have relaxing days and we spend time speaking about how we feel as a part of the team to find ways how to improve our daily routine here. Is very important to have a good communication between the team to make our work as good as possible. Even more – we – Ilze and Carmen, consider ourselves as a real team together which is extremely important for us – to understand each other and be able to take a lot of decisions together.

Now, after Christmas, our main goal is to focus in our personal project, because we would like to create local impact in our area. We would like to initiate a little project from the bottom of our heart. If we can change one person’s life, it will be enough because, in fact, it is already a lot.

Finally, we will continue with our Bulgarian lessons, try to cook healthy, improve our English every day and get to know even deeper this awesome country!

Smokinya foundation volunteers
Hope to greet and meet you in 2019!

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DONE 1-2 August – Advanced Planning Visit to Sofia
ONGOING 1 September 2018 – 31 August 2019, Bulgaria
1 place taken by a resident of Spain and 1 by a resident of Latvia

Lear more also in the European Solidarity Corps: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/placement/6757_en

iHIGHER – volunteering for youth participation and employability, long-term volunteering project under Erasmus+ (EVS)
1-2 August 2018 – Advanced Planning Visit (APV)
1 September 2018 – 31 August 2019 – Project activities
Sofia, Bulgaria
Participating countries: Latvia, Spain

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Volunteering chronicles – Read what iHIGHER volunteers are sharing!