Choice in Life – Training course in the Netherlands


31 October – 4 November – Choice in Life (the Netherlands)

Choice in Life, for those who have already participated in CHOICE
31 October – 4 November
Ommen, the Netherlands
Countries: open-call training, no limitation for countries

Read carefully the info below, it contains important details.

Choice in Life is for those who have already participated in CHOICE training and want to continue with their self exploration. While Choice was about you and yourself, Choice in Life is about learning how to become aware and embrace the systems you live in (family, social and working environment, culture, country, religion etc). In other words, Choice gives an opportunity to liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and Choice in Life empowers you to implement this transformation to your daily life.

Training method
In this training we use systemic approach as a perspective from which to work, from which to listen, from which to respond. There will be introduced different kind of constellations such as family, business, coaching, practical etc. Constellations is an experiential process that reveals hidden dynamics and resources in the systems through the use of movement, expression and ritual. You will create your own and have a change to reflect upon your experience. You will participate in constellations as individual, in couples and in groups in the training room and nature and through body movement sessions.

In constellations you have a chance to see a living map of your personal, professional or organizational dynamics which can support you in creating positive shifts in them by:

Diagnosing an issue and the source of resistance
Finding your place in the system
Acknowledging and facing what is in your system and in you
Leaving or joining systems
Finding personal and professional resources within the system
Resolving and getting free of limiting dynamics

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Important! Read carefully all information and make yourself acquainted with it.
It contains important details.

This is intensive personal development training course: Level 3.
That requires commitment. The program might be challenging.

More information: Choice in Life

Participation fee: 195 EUR.

Apply by filling in the form: Registration form.

Website of the organizer: Olde Vechte

If you need support or have a question contact the organizers from Olde Vechte.



Choice in Life – Training course in the Netherlands