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Smokinya Foundation serves as a learning platform for individuals who are ready to commit to their own learning and development needs. We create opportunities and provide space for people to learn, contribute and grow by participation, volunteering and project leadership.

Smokinya Foundation realizes its vision and values through youth work. Youth work for us is providing contexts and playground for exploration and discovery of the inner spirit of youth that individuals, groups and organizations posses. From this point many outcomes are possible on different levels and in different areas. And we do that in a playful manner.

Our approach is heuristic – a method for empowering a person to discover or learn something for themselves. This is an alternative to traditional education approaches. It is playful and we provide place, playground and support so that you can develop embodied, long-lasting and transferable competences.
That way your gained knowledge, skills and values serve you in a better way.

If all that seems, sounds and feels like what you have been looking for, there’s only one more step before you join us. That is to read, understand and agree to the following ground principles in Smokinya Foundation:

In Smokinya Foundation
I work for myself,
learn for myself,
grow for myself,
through my actions I contribute to Smokinya Foundation with pure intentions.
No one is supposed, neither expected, to work, learn, act, grow or contribute for me.

All my doing and learning comes from a position of:
– openness and readiness to support – both to ask for and to give
– communication that is sincere and ever improving
– commitment and integrity

When you are ready to commit to these principles, Smokinya Foundation’s vision and values, we will be ready for providing you with the opportunities and support for your learning and development.
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