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ТехСуп България е единствената платформа у нас за технологични дарения за НПО, читалища и обществени библиотеки.

Egyesek Youth Association
Egyesek was officially registered in 2000, although as an informal group we had been active since 1997, as the youth group of a secondary school’s student council. We organised out-of-school programs for the students. As we had become more and more independent we decided to become a separate organisation. We have done all work on voluntary basis in our free time, using a lot of our own equipment and friends’ help.

Creative Space Training Centre
Creative Space is an innovative Youth Community center which is tested and prepared to host and serv different kind of projects, trainings, exchanges, seminars and voluntary camps, thematic days, sport camps, events, workshops etc. Creative Space is situated in Hollókő which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. It is on the top of a hill with amazing view, separated from the village and big-city-life.

Syncro Synergy Croatia
Syncro is a part of International Synergy Group with whom we share a common vision of a world that works for everyone. International Synergy Group is a network of 35 organizations from all of the Europe, working together to offer opportunities for education and development of young people, groups and society.
Syncro was founded in 2010 and since then more opportunities for young people have been available through the programmes every year, and more professionals and volunteers have been involved in the work of the organisation.

Olde Vechte Voundation
Since 1966, the Olde Vechte Foundation has been functioning as a training center for informal learning in Ommen, the Netherlands. It is committed to the participation of youth in society, and works towards this goal through trainings for educational institutions, cultural exchanges, reintegration projects and personal development trainings.

Ideas Factory Association
We believe in a world in which full-fledged self-expression will create multiple empowered communities – creators of their own destiny and not its consumers – people who are willing and able to actively make decisions about their futures and than create that future together. We believe that such a world is possible and that it is near.

Synergy Bulgaria
Synergy Bulgaria is a youth organization registered in 2013.
We are friends, volunteers, youth workers and trainers bound up with a common interest of sharing our personal and professional experience with exploring active young people in the area of non-formal education. Each one of us also has a different world view and that enriches our points of views, approaches, ideas and strategies. What unites us in our diversity is a common vision of a world that can work for everyone out of love, care and cooperation (when the whole is more than the sum of its parts).

Brno Connected
We believe in unique potential of every individual and we aim to support young-spirited people in discovering and fulfilling their personal goals and dreams.
We focus mainly on local and international projects, programmes and workshops. We both create and deliver them or we cooperate with foreign organisations as project partners.

Synergy Source Serbia
Synergy Source Serbia is an association focused mainly on the improvement of quality of life for young Europeans.
Regardless of whether you have stumbled upon our organization by accident, already know about Synergy Source Serbia or just wish to know more about the association, let’s do first things first.
Synergy Source Serbia is a non-governmental, non-profit association established to achieve a number of objectives in the areas of non-formal education, international cooperation and the development of local communities.

Synergy Romania
Founded in 2006, event though present from 2002 as informal group. More than 400+ people sent to trainings/exchanges in 20 countries, focusing on their personal and professional development. Partners in more than 70 international projects (Synergy trainings, media, outdoor, dance, theater, volunteer work, community building).

International Synergy Network
The Synergy Network was founded in the Netherlands in 1991 by the Olde Vechte Foundation and a few partner organizations. Up to today, the network has spread in over 25 countries, involving new partners every year. Through a unique and highly effective way of working, we have supported thousands of people to realize their vision out of their daily life reality. In order to support people in their personal and professional development, we have created a set of training courses that are performed throughout the whole Europe. Our trainings are either open calls or financially supported by the European Committee or the Council of Europe.

Buitendoor wants to unite children, young-adults and adults to give them the opportunity to develop themselves. We want everybody to be able to show what they are capable of and like to do best. In our opinion, diversity means that a group is more than only the sum of its parts. This seems obvious, but working together and learning from each other needs to be practiced to be able to apply it in daily life, both for young and old people. Especially in this individual society where co-operation proves to be more difficult than it seems!

Dvoen Kontrolen
Bulgarian outdoor and experiential learning association

Piedzivojuma gars
Latvian outdoor and experiential learning association

Small House Productions
Small House Productions is a Media and Performance Arts group based in Amsterdam. They have an interdisciplinary approach towards what we create and our interests shift from theater, dance, performance, visual arts to video, photography or projection.

Break the couch
A group of young filmmakers interested in the Internet, video and all the new media, who have decided to break the couch and go on to create, get involved, act, learn and influence others while doing all of the above.

REACH is devoted to creation, improvement and promotion of learning and practices in the field of art, culture and health.
REACH mission is creation, development and promotion of civil society, culture, art, and health throughout individual and collective creative and artistic expression on local, regional and international level.

PlanBe Cyprus
PlanBe forms a platform of communication for the exchange of ideas and the productive cooperation of young people in a variety of subjects of interest. It explores youth’s development through means of formal and non-formal education, while at the same time promotes European and International opportunities for active citizenship and cultural understanding.

iEARN Israel

DRONI Youth Association

Synergy Lithuania

YMCA Thessaloniki

Erasmus+ Programme
The new Erasmus+ programme aims to support actions in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport for the period 2014-2020. Erasmus+ replaces seven programmes bringing together:
– The Lifelong Learning Programme (Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, Grundtvig and Jean Monnet)
– The Youth in Action programme
– Five international cooperation programmes (Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alfa, Edulink, the programme for cooperation with industrialised countries)
– The new sport action.

Human Resource Development Centre
Център за развитие на човешките ресурси e Националната агенция за България по администриране на Програма „Еразъм+” за периода 2014-2020.
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